About the Degrees

Remember, there is no higher degree in all of Freemasonry than that of a Master Mason. The third degree taken in a Symbolic, or Blue lodge, represents the highest attainment in all of Freemasonry. Each and every Master Mason stands alongside one another as an equal regardless of class, rank, position, or number of additional degrees taken.

While the numbering system of the degrees seems to indicate a hierarchical structure, in reality, they represent a lateral movement in Masonic instruction. All that the numbers indicate is the advancement of one's Masonic knowledge beyond the foundation of the Craft degrees.

Each of the Scottish Rite degrees in the Northern Masonic Jurisdiction falls under the control of the following four separate governing bodies:

Lodge of Perfection: 4º - 14º
Princes of Jerusalem: 15º - 16º
Rose Croix: 17º - 18º
Consistory Guard: 19º-32º

The number and title of each degree in the Rite is as follows:

Degree Number Degree Name
4th Degree Master Traveler
5th Degree Perfect Master
6th Degree Master of the Brazen Serpent
7th Degree Provost and Judge
8th Degree Intendant of the Building
9th Degree Master of the Temple
10th Degree Master Elect
11th Degree Sublime Master Elected
12th Degree Master of Mercy
13th Degree Master of the Ninth Arch
14th Degree Grand Elect Mason
15th Degree Knight of the East
16th Degree Prince of Jerusalem
17th Degree Knight of the East and West
18th Degree Knight of the Rose Croix
19th Degree Brother of the Trail
20th Degree Master ad Vitam
21st Degree Patriarch Noachite
22nd Degree Prince of Libanus
23rd Degree Knight of Valor
24th Degree Brother of the Forest
25th Degree Master of Achievement
26th Degree Friend and Brother Eternal
27th Degree Knight of Jerusalem
28th Degree Knight of the Sun
29th Degree Knight of St. Andrew
30th Degree Grand Inspector
31st Degree Knight Aspirant
32nd Degree Sublime Prince of the Royal Secret
33rd Degree* Sovereign Grand Inspector General*

*The 33rd Degree is administered only to those who have been elected to receive the honor by the Supreme Council. Election is contigient upon one's ability to produce significant contributions to both society at large and Masonry in general. 

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